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Rain Barrel Care

Rain barrels require a little care


~  All of our wooden barrels are made to hold liquids and have done so for many years. If barrels are allowed to dry out the wood will shrink and the hoops will loosen. To prevent this don’t let the barrel drain completely.

~  Wood Rain Barrels are made of untreated white oak and therefore wood boring insects may attack your barrel.  Lift your barrel off the ground to prevent infestations.

~  Elevating your rain barrel on a stand or blocks makes water retrieval easier and improves water flow. If you do elevate, make sure everything is level, stable, and secure. A full rain water barrel may weigh more than 300 lbs.

~  If you are not connecting multiple barrels together, attach a 6 foot flexible hose to the over flow valve and extend it away from your building to prevent water infiltration into your foundation.

~  Plastic barrels: a once a month application of Amour-all will help protect against UV damage.

~  Often times debris will clog the screen on the downspout adapter, clean out the screen to prevent water backup.

~  Wood Rain Barrels held whiskey and then beer, there will be a slight odor from time to time.  We do not recommend putting barrels inside at any time.

~  Empty wood barrels weigh approx. 130 lbs. full barrels can easily exceed 500 lbs.



~ If left outside, drain wood barrel to spigot level then leave spigot open to prevent damage.

~ Barrels may be brought inside a garage or storage shed but should still be drained to spigot level.

~ DO NOT tip wood barrel upside down to drain water, a small amount of water must be left inside wood barrel at all times.

~ Plastic barrels should be tipped upside down to drain all water out, it is recommended to put plastic barrels inside a garage or barn to protect from harsh winter conditions.

~ When rain barrels are full they are extremely heavy, do not allow children to play on/around rain barrels.

~ A IMPORTANT: Do not use rain barrels for drinking, cooking or bathing.